Positive Living Community stands out as the only known welfare home in Malaysia that accepts disabled persons with HIV/AIDS, who may also have drug addiction issues. It is our policy to never reject anyone with HIV/AIDS who are in need of nursing care or are disabled as we are often a last and only resort for these men. More than seventy percent of our residents are unable to pay a minimal fee for their stay. Since they are not eligible for welfare assistance from the Welfare Department (as they are staying in a welfare home), we take on the responsibility of providing for them. This is where most of our donations are channeled to.

Disabled persons with HIV/AIDS are the most vulnerable sector of Malaysian society that is prone to dying of AIDS despite the introduction of free life saving antiretroviral treatment by the government. This is largely due to the fact that they lack the mobility, stable environment, as well as behavioural consistency to enable eligibility to treatment. In instances where treatment is provided, many end up defaulting treatment and thereby suffering from its potentially fatal consequences.


We provide these with a stable, supportive, drug-free environment which is the cornerstone to: 

  • Accessing and adhering to treatment

  • Following up on hospital appointments, health monitoring  and check-ups 

  • Improving HIV-related health outcomes and reducing mortality 

  • Preventing the spread of HIV infections

  • Decreasing the use of expensive emergency care and other crisis services