At Positive Living Community, we do not shy away from the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS or drug addiction. Our residents are encouraged to share their fears, challenges, dreams and aspiration. Throughout the years, we've engaged with the public  in creative ways to get our message across. Our initiatives restores dignity and promotes re-integration with community while spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and stigma. Some of our noteworthy initiatives are Fallen Leaves Community Theatre, and Participative Educational Theatre & Voluntary Counselling and Testing with Burmese Refugees.


For our most recent initiative, Positive Living Community was featured in a documentary about People Living with HIV/AIDS. The documentary entitled 'At Rainbow's End' is a true story of a HIV/AIDS patient who lost contact with his family for 12 years due to his illness which originated from his association with drugs. The producers of this film records the journey of tracing and reuniting his estranged family back. ‘At Rainbow End’ is a story of hope, love & forgiveness. The documentary premiered at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) in conjunction with World AIDS Day, on 30 November 2017 and is being offered in 10 locations nationwide.


Positive Living Community intends to use the documentary as a catalyst to promote dialogue and understanding surrounding the stigma and prevention of HIV/AIDS. We hope we will acquire the necessary support and assistance to see this through.


If you are keen to sponsor a screening and dialogue session with our Education & Outreach Team, kindly contact