We are a peaceful and serene sanctuary dedicated to providing quality services for indigent persons with HIV/AIDS in need of palliative/ hospice and disability care.



The mission of Positive Living Community Care Home is to:​​
  • nurture a spirit of service that restores dignity and increases quality of life 
  • provide tender loving care and a homely atmosphere 
  • enable access to treatment and follow up at hospitals
  • ensure 100% adherence to anti-retroviral treatment
  • encourage reconciliation and re-integration with family and community
  • cultivate a meaningful, joyful and fulfilling culture of volunteerism
  • collaborate with partners to ensure continuum of care for residents who no longer need palliative or hospice care


  • We respect the values and beliefs, choices, experiences and diversity of residents and their families.
  • We are sensitive and responsive to the resident's wishes, concerns and priorities.
  • We are kind, respectful and considerate in all our interactions at the home.
  • We advocate for our residents needs.
  • We empower our caregivers, staff and volunteers to be proactive in the provision of care, support and companionship to our residents.
  • We extend our appreciation and hospitality to visitors, volunteers and supporters.
  • We foster a sense of cooperation and inclusiveness among staff, caregivers, volunteers, residents, supporters and partners.