A farm house on site accommodates up to 22 residents.The farm provides an avenue for continued recovery to former patients from the Oasis Nursing Home through 'work therapy'. We also provide detoxification and harm reduction for those working on their addiction recovery, although we have many limitations in this aspect. We can most certainly improve in this area and are looking for professional partners to journey with us to develop a successful addiction recovery programme. Apart from work therapy and harm reduction, residents provide moral support to each other in their journey to recovery. Residents continue to go for regular hospital appointments and those who are eligible, continue to adhere to antiretroviral treatment. 

Willing and able residents are given a small allowance to serve as voluntary caregivers at the Oasis Nursing Home. Some of the more aged residents prefer to stay on as farm caretakers. Wherever possible they earn some pocket money from proceeds of farm sales. We also have a steady stream of volunteers who are able to work at the farm.

The 3.5 acre farm land has a fish pond which provides our 60 plus residents with two meals of fish per week. We also have goats & poultry. Our 'misai kucing' herbal tea is harvested, processed and sold to visitors at the farm. By the end of 2018, we aim to enhance our tea processing facility and boost our income generating capacity. We are looking for partners who can assist with the design of our tea processing facility. We are also looking for funders to cover the cost of building the facility.


To compliment our practice based work therapy programme, a 2000 sq.ft multi-purpose training facility is currently being built to provide adult education and vocational theory and practical skills to residents. We are keen to work with partners who feel they have skills, knowledge or resources to offer to our residents to help them in their journey towards becoming responsible and contributing citizens. We are also looking for partners who can support us to furbish our classroom and vocational training workshop. Please contact Sabina if you are keen to get involved with the activities and projects at our farm.


work therapy at the goat farm
3.5 acre farm
commercial tea farm
resident caregivers
2000 sq. ft training facility
tea farm expansion
volunteers helping at the farm
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