VIP Fellowship

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Thanks to the Volunteering for International Professionals Fellowship Programme, a 5 member team sponsored by the Ministry of Finance invested 4 months and RM 10 K into our farm; helping us formulate a budget, boost farming activities, and kickstart construction of a new building on site.

In the picture are our dedicated and highly skilled volunteers, Andrew Barton, Cherly Ng, Sabina Arokiam (who is the volunteer liaison for Positve Living Community), Saskia Hesselink, Sumitra Paudel and Jolyn Hong.

The VIP Fellowship was certainly one of the most dynamic and exciting times in the 20 year history of Positive Living Community. Here is a video put together by Cheryl that tries to capture the transformation facilitated by the VIP Fellows and other volunteers during the VIP Fellowship.

A big thank you goes out to Incitement for partnering with the Ministry of Finance to bring this impactful programme to the ground.Since the VIP Fellowship is offered annually, we would most certainly recommend it to potential volunteers or host organisations. For more info, or to apply visit

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