Transport & How to get here


We are 35 km from Kuala Lumpur and a 45 mins drive away using the PLUS Highway. The nearest town is Rawang. Location of Volunteer's Accommodation in Batu Arang:

google maps link:

TRAVEL OPTIONS from kl/airport


Please try to arrive at the Volunteers Accommodation (Volunteers' cottage) before 10 am or after 5 pm, but no later than 12 midnight. To help you with your travel plans, please note that it takes about an hour to get here by car from Kuala Lumpur, and 2-3 hours to get here with a combination of train from KL to Rawang, followed by car/bus from Rawang to Batu Arang.


The Volunteers' Cottage is situated away from the rest of the Positive Living Community Welfare Homes. After you exit the main road off Batu Arang, you will come to a fork on Jalan DPP. Keep right at the fork, and you will pass a house on your right before arriving at the children's nursery. The children's nursery has a white zinc fence that faces the road. The volunteers' cottage is away from the road, and is behind the children's nursery. At the end of the white zinc fence, there is the entrance to the nursery on your right, followed by a slope leading to the volunteers' cottage which is situated on the right hand of this slope. Look out for the yellow cottage:

how to get around

There is a bike in the Volunteer's Cottage for volunteers to get around over short distances. For the longer trips, there are several options. It's about 1 km from the Volunteer's Cottage to the roundabout. A public bus, SJ bus No. 155, from to Batu Arang to Rawang is available near the roundabout (next to the Police Station), 6 times a day. You can also take a Grab car, prices range from RM 18 to Rawang and RM 50-70 to get to KL. Free buses and other public transport options run from Sungai Buloh Train Station, a Grab to get there is about RM 30. 

facilities & amenities

The Volunteer's Cottage has: 

  • Two rooms with double beds and one four-person dorm (incl. bed sheets, pillows and blankets)

  • Fully-equipped kitchen

  • Cosy living room with book exchange

  • Washing machine and area to dry your clothes

  • WiFi (after work hours until 11pm, and not for streaming use)

  • First Aid Kit

Please bring your own coffee, tea, spices, condiments, toilet paper, towels, and laundry detergent or get it from the supermarket in town. Also, we do not provide transportation to and from Batu Arang (within the town everything is within walking distance).

Facilities in and around Batu Arang:

  • Post office. There is a post office in Batu Arang. The Post Office has Western Union facilities for International Money Transfer.

  • ATM. Headed towards Rawang, the nearest ATM is at the Petron or Shell Fuel Shack, 11 km away from Batu Arang. Headed towards Kuala Selangor, the nearest ATM is at Petronas Fuel Shack, 10 km away from Batu Arang.

  • Mall. Nearest Mall is at Aeon, 12 km away from Batu Arang. There is a cinema, pharmacy and money changer at the mall.

  • Morning market. There is a morning market in Batu Arang town centre every day of the week. The most elaborate market is on Sundays. It is worthwhile visiting the morning market on Sundays to taste some local hawker food or to get fruits and other fresh food.

  • Medical care. This is the location of the government clinic in Batu Arang.  A minimum consultation fee is charged to foreigners. This is the location of the nearest government hospital in Sungai Buloh, about 26 km away.​

  • Religious services. Mass is available at the St. Michael Catholic Church in Batu Arang, every Saturday evening. The mass is delivered in Tamil. Friday Prayers is from noon to 2 pm, at the mosque. Hindu and Taoist/Buddhist temples are open throughout the day. Special services are held several times a day.​

There are various options to get from the KL city centre or the airport to the Volunteer's Cottage, the cheapest being public transport (< RM 20) and the fastest being a Grab car (> RM 80). We will help you to arrange your transport and give you clear instructions on how to get here via Whatsapp. 

what to bring

For our hot and humid climate, you may want to bring:

  • 1 light weight, short-sleeved work shirt/T-shirt/blouse for indoor work

  • 1 light weight, long-sleeved work shirt/T-shirt/blouse for outdoor work

  • 1 pair of shorts for work

  • 1 pair of long trousers for work

  • 1 hat for work

  • Gloves for work

  • 1 pair of slippers

  • 1 pair closed toe shoes & thin socks for work

  • Light, breathable underwear

  • Mosquito repellant

  • Powder for heat rashes

  • Sun Block

  • Water bottle

  • Laundry detergent​

For women, please follow these moderate clothing requirements:

  • Minimum length of shorts and skirts is half way between the waist and the knee. 

  • Sleeveless is fine. Tank tops are not encouraged.

  • Refrain from transparent clothing.


in batu arang


In the evenings, between 5:30 - 7:30 pm on weekdays, youngsters play basketball and football at the field near the secondary school. Volunteers can join them for games.


Every Friday evening, from 9 pm onwards, the town folk organise traditional SILAT martial arts classes near the fire station. Volunteers are welcome to join these classes or hang around as spectators.


Although there is a morning market everyday at the town square, the Sunday morning market is the busiest and biggest. This is a good time to taste local treats, buy fruits, vegetables, and clothes. The best time to visit the market is from 7 am to 10 am.


Volunteers can go fishing for tilapia at the Positive Living Community Farm once a week, and they are allowed to take home their catch for the evening. 


trips offered by positive living community

MOVIE NIGHTS (12 km away)

There is a TGV cinema at AEON Mall. Wednesday nights are discounted movie ticket nights, at RM 9 per movie ticket. Depending on availability, Positive Living Community provides transportation for movie nights, which can end pass midnight. If there is interest, volunteers can also visit a local hawker stall before/after the movie, to have dinner or supper. A contribution of RM 8 per person covers transport and driver's expenses. 



This is an all day trip saved for weekends. We leave at 9 am and get back around 7 pm. Brunch will be at a local food stall that serves great laksa. After which, the option is to go to the Pertak River or do a  one hour trek, which also involves crossing the river 6 times to get to the Chilling Falls. A contribution of RM 20 per person covers transport and driver's expenses. 

For longer, solo trips, check out Extreme Sport activities: Rope Swing, Bungee Jumping offered by . White water rafting is offered by various companies online. 


This is an evening trip. On the way to the firefly park, we will visit a beautiful Shakti temple and have dinner (optional) at the Penampang Fishing Village by the river mouth. When it is raining or when there is moonlight in the sky, it is not a good time to visit the fireflies, as such, we skip going to the firefly park and visit the lighthouse in Melawati Hill instead.

places to visit along rawang - kl bus route

Here are some places on the bus route from Rawang to Kuala Lumpur City Centre. (The bus can be boarded at the Rawang Bus Terminal)

TEMPLER'S PARK Category: River/Falls

The entrance to the park is on the main road. 

KANCHING RIVER/FALLS  Category: River/Falls

The entrance to the park is on the main road.

BUKIT TAKUN  Category: Trekking / Rock Climbing

- Get down at the Petronas gas station on Templer Park Road and walk to the hill. Climbs must be booked in advance. Here is a booking site. They cater for groups of 1-5 people.

BATU CAVES Category: Culture / Natural Sites

- Get down at the new Warta Shopping Complex and walk to Batu Caves. There is lots of info online regarding this popular tourist attraction. 

DARK CAVES (within Batu Caves compound)  Category: Caving/ Guided Tours.

- Tours to the dark caves must be booked in advance.

FOREST RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF MALAYSIA Category: Natural Sites/ Trekking/ Guided Tours

- You will have to take a Grab Car from Batu Caves to get to the Forest Research Institute (FRIM). The FRIM Selangor Forest Park (FRIM-SFP) is a 544 ha park consisting of man-made tropical rain forest, a meandering stream (the River Kroh), waterfalls, arboreta, and botanic gardens. It is a site for research and development of tropical rainforest biodiversity and is being considered to be recognised as a UNESCO site. Here is a great article from UNESCO regarding the significance of FRIM. The park charges an admission fee of RM 5. 

KL PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE  Category: Shows: Culture, Music, Dance/ Natural Sites

- Get down at the entrance of KL PAC on Jalan Ipoh and walk to the venue. It is a nice walk, passing through a park.


- Get down at the last bus stop in KL and walk to Central Market. This is a great place to see and buy ethnic clothes, art and crafts. There is lots of info online regarding this popular tourist attraction. 

ISLAMIC ARTS MUSEUM & NEARBY PARKS (bird, butterfly, Tugu)

- Get down at the last bus stop in KL and walk to the Islamic Arts Museum. This is the best museum in KL. There is lots of info online regarding this popular tourist attraction. 


- Get down at the last bus stop in KL and walk to Masjid Jamek. This is a great place to buy cheap ethnic clothes like sarongs. There is lots of info online regarding this popular tourist attraction. 


- Get down at the last bus stop in KL and walk to Central Market.There is lots of info online regarding this popular tourist attraction. 

culture/ shows & happenings in kl

For timely updates on attractions/ what's happening in KL and the Klang Valley, check out Time Out KL