1. Be trustworthy, kind and respectful towards the volunteers, residents, staff and visitors of PLC.

  2. Be sensitive to the conditions of the residents of PLC, many of whom have HIV/AIDS and drug addiction recovery issues.

  3. Do not drink alcohol in the presence of / with our residents.

  4. Do not carry or consume any illegal drugs (WARNING: Malaysian law holds severe punishment for the possession or abuse of illegal substances.

  5. Do not have any sexual contact with the residents.

  6. Do not interfere in the administrative affairs of the organisation.

  7. Clean up after yourself at work and return tools and materials to the respective storage areas.

  8. Be self motivated and earnest in the voluntary services that you engage in.

  9. Be responsible for your own health, well-being, safety and security.


  1. Be sensitive towards the communal living arrangement and needs of other volunteers.

  2. Clean up after yourself, and be respectful of personal and communal chores, hygiene and cleanliness.

  3. Conserve electricity. Switch off lights, fan and electrical appliances when not in use. 

  4. Be responsible for the safety and security of yourself and your belongings.

  5. Clean your room, throw away your garbage and wash and dry your bed sheets/blanket pillow case before your departure. If you are unable to do so, send the used linen to the nursing home and offer RM 5 to get it washed.

  6. Return the keys of the cottage to Sabina (volunteer coordinator) before your departure. (A fine of RM 50 is charged for lost keys).

  7. Do not drink alcohol excessively.

  8. Do not carry or consume any illegal drugs (WARNING: Malaysian law holds severe punishment for the possession or abuse of illegal substances).

  9. Smoke in the porch of the house (Smoking is not allowed inside the house). 

  10. Use the bicycle responsibly, and repair if necessary.

  11. Do not wear outside footwear in the cottage.

  12. Do not flush toilet paper down the toilet bowl (it will clog the system and cause an overflow)​


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Annual Report 2018:

Positive Living Community, a partner organisation of the Malaysian AIDS Council is registered under the Registrar of Societies act as 'Persatuan Kebajikan Komuniti Kehidupan Positif', also known as Positive Living Community (PLC). 

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